The olive grove

The flow of time moves by in a jerky rhythm of the Tramontana in the branches


Benefiting from a particularly favorable climate, with mild, humid winters and hot, dry summers, olive tree cultivation is one of the most traditional on the island and probably dates back to Roman times. The soils, due to their calcareous nature with a medium to strong consistency, have a significant proportion of large elements with a pH with an alkaline tendency. Their high stoniness is beneficial for the water regime, acting as a blanket by reducing evaporation.
Their structure of horizontal strata between which fine clays accumulate, adapts perfectly to the root system of olive trees.


Facing south and close to the sea, Al Parico benefits from unique conditions, guaranteeing exceptional oil. Our production methods respect artisanal processes allowing us to obtain a rare, authentic and earth-friendly product. We decided to take advantage of this privileged terroir to cultivate 3 different varieties of olive trees: Arbequina, Hojiblanca and Picual. This carefully measured blend gives the oil an authentic taste, a subtle contrast between bitterness and fruity touches. Harvested by hand, the olives from our 2,500 trees are cold pressed and filtered before bottling, revealing the most accomplished aromas of an extra virgin oil.

Our olive oil