Finca Al Parico


Al Parico is a land of contrasts which combines intuition and conviction, spontaneity and mastery where the mystery whispers at the bends of the paths, where life makes its way through the rocks, where the soul crosses the ages.


Al Parico is an ancient land nourished by the mysticism of its past. With more than 1,500 pre-historic sites, the island of Menorca has the highest concentration in the entire Mediterranean. The Finca is imbued with this rich archaeological past and this so-called Talayotic culture, developed towards the end of the 2nd millennium BC. At the bends of the paths demarcating the plots, some of these emblematic constructions remained, taulas, navetas or even Bens bridges: masses both raw and graphic of stacked stones, from an age where the spirit guided tirelessly the gesture. It is this wild soul, witness to time, which distills this unique atmosphere, carrying another relationship with the living


Historically marked by human activity, Al Parico today extends its destiny by perpetuating the gestures that have made its history: that of a demanding and rocky land with unsuspected riches. Aware of these unique assets, we wanted to work towards its future by drawing inspiration from its roots to release all its modernity: naturalness, sense of tradition, authenticity. At Al Parico, every detail, every action is designed to highlight the innate potential of the territory and restore meaning and power to what makes Menorca the jewel of the Balearic Islands. It is this singular vision, carried by men and women like so many storytellers who make Al Parico a pioneering and sustainable place of culture and breeding.

Al Parico was born from this island spirit and resistant, anchored in tradition, forged by the elements of an unusual place.


Al Parico is a way of living, acting and dreaming: determined, exalted and responsible. From the beginning, we imagined a deeply respectful and authentic place. A space for cultivation and breeding, to be valued rather than exploited, favoring modern techniques and know-how, for a responsible approach which alone testifies to the humility of our approach. The controlled use of resources, the importance given to time and ancestral processes, the renovation of old installations, have made Al Parico the meeting point between passionate exploration and reasoned culture.

When the taste for aesthetics mixes in the ethical sense for a rare alchemy: the soul of a place and the way of experiencing it